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Infermedica is an AI-driven symptom checker and patient triage platform that enables users to assess their health symptoms, receive personalized health recommendations, and connect with healthcare providers for further evaluation and treatment.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud with Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics Cloud with Autonomous Database combines Oracle Analytics Cloud's data visualization and analytics capabilities with the autonomous capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database, enabling organizations to leverage AI for automated insights and data management.

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Marketing automation platform with AI-driven features for lead scoring and analytics.

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An online photo editing tool with AI capabilities.

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AI-driven content optimization tool for better search engine rankings.

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AI code completion tool that works with your favorite IDE.

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Writing assistant powered by AI for grammar and style suggestions.

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Sprout Social with SproutAI

Sprout Social with SproutAI combines social media management features with AI-driven analytics and insights, enabling businesses to understand their audience, track social media performance, and deliver more effective content.

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Basecamp with AI-Assisted Scheduling

Basecamp with AI-Assisted Scheduling utilizes AI to optimize project schedules, allocate resources, and automate task assignments, helping teams stay organized, focused, and on track to meet project deadlines.

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Brandwatch with AI-Powered Insights

Brandwatch with AI-Powered Insights offers social listening and analytics tools powered by AI and machine learning, enabling businesses to monitor brand mentions, analyze sentiment, and track industry trends across social media platforms.

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