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Ada Health

Ada Health is an AI-driven symptom assessment tool that helps users evaluate their health symptoms, provides personalized health insights and recommendations, and connects users with healthcare professionals for further assistance.

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Cerner is an AI-powered healthcare technology company that offers electronic health records (EHR) systems, population health management solutions, and AI-driven diagnostic tools to improve patient care and healthcare delivery.

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Buoy Health

Buoy Health is an AI-driven virtual health assistant that helps users identify and understand their symptoms, provides personalized health recommendations, and facilitates access to appropriate healthcare services.

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Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision is an AI-driven medical imaging analytics platform that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze medical images, detect abnormalities, and assist radiologists in making accurate diagnoses.

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Babylon Health

Babylon Health is an AI-powered digital healthcare platform that offers virtual consultations, symptom checking, health monitoring, and personalized health insights, leveraging machine learning to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare services.

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Prognos is an AI-driven healthcare analytics platform that leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to identify and stratify patient populations, optimize clinical decision-making, and improve patient outcomes.

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Infermedica is an AI-driven symptom checker and patient triage platform that enables users to assess their health symptoms, receive personalized health recommendations, and connect with healthcare providers for further evaluation and treatment.

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PathAI is an AI-driven pathology platform that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze histopathology images, assist pathologists in diagnosing diseases, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of disease detection and diagnosis.

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HealthTap is an AI-powered virtual healthcare platform that provides users with on-demand access to personalized medical advice, virtual consultations with doctors, and comprehensive health information, using artificial intelligence to improve healthcare accessibility and affordability.

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KenSci is an AI-powered predictive analytics platform for healthcare that helps healthcare organizations predict patient outcomes, identify high-risk patients, and optimize care delivery, leveraging machine learning to improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

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